Applying the apartments can only be done via this internet application. After sending your application, you will see a confirmation message and a personal code, which you will need, if updating or removing the application will be needed. If you have announced your e-mail address, the confirmation message and personal code will also be sent to your e-mail.

When a residence becomes vacant, some of the applicants will be interviewed. Be sure to bring copies of all necessary documents to your interview. If you fail to bring copies of all necessary documents, or if the information in your application is not correct (i.e. false), your application will be rejected.

Your application is valid for 3 months. If you want your application to stay valid after this period, you must fill out the application before the 3 month time limit.

When I fill out the application, I also give the leaser my permission to use the personal data and the credit data I have entered into the application or later made available to the leaser, according to the Personal Data Act (henkilötietorekisterilaki).

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I've already made an application. I just want to update information or remove my application.


1) Most of the apartments are unfurnished.
2) In order to rent an apartment, tenant needs to pay a deposit (worth of about two month's rent) after signing the lease.